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By setting up your system as mentioned below, you will have following capabilities:
  1. To set the router to be used for processing outgoing emails in User/Queue record.
  2. Custom Outgoing provider will pick emails only from valid Users and Queues.

Steps to install and configure this solution:
  1. Import solution. This solution contains following components:
    1. Global Option Set "Email Router".
    2. Custom fields for Email, SystemUser and Queue entities.
  1. Publish all customizations.
  1. Register plugins using PluginRegistration tool. You should have "CustomOutgoingProviderPlugins" assembly present imported as part of solution install.
    1. Register step on Create of email
  1. Register on Update of email
UnSecure configuration parameter can be used to control whether you want Email address approval functionality of CRM to kick-in or not.

Changes required in Email Router:
  1. Copy CustomOutgoingProvider.dll in Services folder. Make sure to download correct copy of dll based on Update Rollup you Email Router is on.
  2. Stop Email Router service. Close configuration wizard.
  3. Open EmailAgent.xml file and change following properties:
  4. Change “ConfigUpdatePeriod” to “0”.
  5. Replace “ProviderAssembly” and “ProviderClass” nodes in each of ProviderConfiguration node to following:
    1. <ProviderAssembly>CustomOutgoingProvider.dll</ProviderAssembly>
    2. <ProviderClass>CustomOutgoingProvider.CustomSmtpProvider</ProviderClass>
  6. Add "EmailRouter" node in Microsoft.Crm.Tools.EmailAgent.xml file:
    1. <EmailRouter>100000000</EmailRouter> under ProviderConfiguration. Set same value for all ProviderConfigurations in single router.
  7. Start Email Router service.

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