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Steps to use basic Custom Email provider:
  1. Copy CustomOutgoingProvider.dll in Services folder. Make sure you download correct copy of dll based on Update Rollup you Email Router is on.
  2. Stop Email Router service. Close configuration wizard.
  3. Open EmailAgent.xml file and change following properties:
  4. Change “ConfigUpdatePeriod” to “0”.
  5. Replace “ProviderAssembly” and “ProviderClass” nodes in each of ProviderConfiguration node to following:
    1. <ProviderAssembly>CustomOutgoingProvider.dll</ProviderAssembly>
    2. <ProviderClass>CustomOutgoingProvider.CustomSmtpProvider</ProviderClass>
  6. Start Email Router service.

To configure "multi-router" support solution, follow For Multi router and other capabilities

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